Yukapon Secrets...
Yukapon is a sweet and kind person, and we all know that this "YUKAPON SECRETS" are all nothing but fake and nonsense, i dont wish to offend anyone but please don't do this

I’ll have you know that none of this is fake. Yuka seriously, 100% honestly, owns a restaurant in Germany called Puke-a-pon. Google it.

WTF #1:

I’ve been getting a lot of followers lately despite not posting anything in the last 14 months. WTFIUWT? Seriously people. Did I miss the yukatrain or something? I’ve been on tour and it’s been keeping me afk. If you’ve got yuka secrets, or yuak secrets, please submit them in my inbox. It sounds like I need to get back to revealing the truth.

Yukapon Secret #70:

Lack of said cream sodas, as mentioned in Secret #69, is precisely why at the last minute Yukapon refused to perform at DEF CON 19.

I don't think it's right to make anyone's personal information (such as their address) available to others - especially to random people on the internet. Regardless of how you feel about Yukapon or what has transpired between you two, I hope you consider what the consequences of your actions could be and delete it off your blog.

I have no regrets. The Yukapon must be exposed for what she really is. I still weep every night for not making the Olympics this year and I blame it all on Yuka! ;A; If only she had continued cheering for me at practice instead of becoming successful and famous…

Also, she stole that crying ;A; face from me.

Yukapon Secret #69:

Before each performance, Yukapon demands two (2), count them two, cream sodas chilled to precisely 4 degrees Celsius.

Yukapon Secret #68:

According to Folgers, the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. According to Yukapon, the best part of waking up is drugs.